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Swiftwater Rescue

If you boat whitewater or work on a rescue or emergency team, you will find the skills presented in our Swiftwater Rescue Courses to be invaluable. The certification classes, sanctioned by Rescue Three International, are usually offered during the early summer months. The classroom portion of the training addresses subjects such as hydrology and swiftwater hazards. The remainder of the training involves rescue activities in flowing water. The 2 1/2-day Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT) course is designed to meet the industry standards for people who, for work or recreational purposes, find themselves on or around the river such as professional guides, private boaters, and fish and game personnel. Fire and rescue personnel should take the 2 1/2-day NFPA-compliant (1670 Standard) Swiftwater Rescue Technician One (SRT1) course. The courses are held concurrently. Course costs include instruction, a level one manual, and lunch on the river. Upon successful completion of the class, you will receive a certificate of completion and a Rescue Three I.D. card.

River Pro's: Rocky Mountain Adventures is proud to offer Swiftwater for the River Professional (SRRP). This is a 2 1/2 day course designed specially for professional guides and others who work or play on or around flowing water. This in an intensive, hands-on course and students will learn to use techniques and simple equipment to assess and perform river rescues. This first 1/2 day is spent in the classroom discussing techincal information which we will practice in the field over the following two days. This course is approved by AHRA and Colorado State Parks.

Minimum age for Swiftwater Courses is 16


2 1/2-day Swiftwater Technician 1 Class (SRT1 NFPA Compliant) $449, includes lunch each day
2 1/2-day Whitewater Rescue Technician Class (WRT) $399, includes lunch each day
2 1/2-day Swiftwater for the River Professional (SRRP) $325, includes lunch each day
2-day Re-certification (SRT1) $225 /(WRT) $195, includes lunch each day


Class Dates : May 29-29 (Sat - Mon)
Training Location : Cache la Poudre River
Meeting Time

: 1:00 PM Day 1

: 8:30 AM Day 2&3

Meeting Location : RMA Fort Collins Store

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Call us at (800) 858-6808 for more information or to reserve your class. You can also book a class using our online booking agent. Click here for more information about multiple class discounts, what to wear, and making reservations.