Swiftwater Rescue Certification Class


Class Dates

: May 14-16 (Fri-Sun)

Training Location

: Cache la Poudre River

Meeting Time

: May 14th @ 1:30pm, May 15-16 @ 8:30 AM


: Fort Collins

This course teaches rescue techniques with regard to limited resources in more of a remote setting. This three course meets the needs of professional river guides as well as USFS and BLM employees. Recreational river runners or anyone finding themselves working on or near moving water will gain valuable techniques in dealing with water hazards and emergencies.


The centerpiece of the sport of kayaking is the Roll. We offer classes aimed at teaching you this important technique. Instruction is primarily focused on the sweep roll. Sessions include a one hour session in the classroom and two 1.5 hour separate pool/pond sessions.
During the winter these sessions are held at Epic Pool. In warmer weather, we hold the sessions on a nearby pond. In addition to regularly scheduled sessions, private instruction is also available.


: February to August


: Scheduled Group Class

$100 (includes classroom & pool sessions)

  Equipment Rental


  Private Instruction

$250 (3.5 hours) (Share the Class – Price is for 1 or 2 students)

Meeting Location

: RMA Fort Collins Store


Kayak Open Pool Sessions

Kayak Open Pool Sessions at EPIC Pool
Saturdays from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
February to May
These sessions are held in conjunction with the City Of Fort Collins.
Get ready for Summer!

Details and registration can be found in the Fort Collins Recreator.


Introduction to Rafting

  • Introductory Raft Guide Training Class
  • RMA Fort Collins store
  • May
  • Learn to captain your own ram If you have a desire to oar or paddle captain your rig through whitewater. enroll in this course.

For Private Boaters, the “Introduction to Rafting” course is aimed at those of you who want to guide your own private raft. Offered each May.