If you want to set out on an adventure of your own, Rocky Mountain Adventures has all kinds of outdoor gear rentals available.  Our rental department offers affordable full- and multi-day rates.   We have outdoor gear rentals for winter backcounty sports and summer lake and river paddling.   

If you are planning an overnight rafting trip, we rent boats, frames, paddles, PFD’s and associated accessories. Certain weekends will require some advanced planning on your part so give us plenty of notice and we will have your rental gear ready. 

If you are a kayaker, you can rent the kayak, paddle, stern float bags, spray skirt, PFD, spray jacket, helmet and paddle and receive a package price.   The rental program is a good choice when you want to purchase a new kayak but are not sure which one to buy.  Try your options to help make your decision.

Stand-up paddle boards (SUPS) have gained popularity.  If you have thought you might like to try one, call to reserve one and give it a shot.  We can provide you the paddle and PFD as part of your rental. 

Inflatable kayaks are very popular.  You do not need to learn to roll them and they deflate so they fix easily is a car for travel to your destination.

For winter cross country rentals you can rent the skis, boots and poles as a package with package pricing.  The same for snowshoes.  When you are hauling gear on the mountain, one of our sleds makes travel easier.   

Safety gear for both winter and summer activities is also available. 

Summer Outdoor Gear

Winter Outdoor Gear